Our production maintains the natural essences of the sea sausage so that all its natural sources are preserved during the production of the dietary supplement. This provides an end product of the best quality, which in turn contributes to an increased quality of life for you as a consumer.



For several years, SeaQhealth has developed scientific and advanced solutions for producing dietary supplements and skin care products from the unique ingredients in sea sausage.

Research, development and innovation are what we work on a daily basis to be able to improve our products and maintain quality for the benefit of our customers.

Our laboratory team participates in both national and international R&D projects that have been established around research on sea sausage. Through this collaboration, we gain knowledge of the development of our products.

The properties of the sea sausage mean that we work purposefully towards many different groupings. This means that our products help to increase the quality of life for our customers.


SeaQhealth is produced in Norway according to pharmaceutical standards

All production of SeaQhealth takes place in accordance with the pharmaceutical standard Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and all routines and rules set by the EU. The dietary supplement is produced at Hov in Norway.

SEAQHEALTH cares about the environment, which is why we have a limited production of our dietary supplements.


Delivered to your home

We deliver directly to your mailbox from our distribution partners.