SeaQ Healthcare History

Since 2013, we catch and process sea cucumbers in Norway. Today, we have our own fishing fleet dedicating to catch sea cucumbers for our company. We are a licensed producer of sea cucumber product in Norway. The company have spent many years in research and development of sea cucumber products. We will have sea cucumber beauty cremes, sea cucumber energy drinks and healthcare tablets for different age groups. We help people who wish to live a healthy life, quality life and beautiful life. Our products are all 100% nature product without any synthetic elements. You will experience a 20 years younger life again every day at age over 50!

We are also very much oriented of the environmental care. The natural resource of sea cucumber is limited. It is our responsibility to protect our natural recourse for future generations. We establish a sea cucumber club for no more than 4000 membership. These who join the club will be guaranteed to receive supply every month.

Try to experience a sea cucumber life today with 100% money back guarantee!

Live with SeaQ.  We care for you.